How to Canada Goose Online Paint a Canadian Goose

There are about 11 Canada Goose Online different species of Canada Geese. The giant Canada goose is the largest waterfowl in North America and can be seen flying across the skies in V-formations every spring and fall. Their territory covers about three quarters of North America. In some areas, these geese are perceived as a nuisance as they settle into parks and other recreational areas to breed and hatch their young. They have elongated black necks with a wingspan of up to 6 feet. Their black heads have a white patch on the cheeks, and the underside is usually pearl-grey or brown.Other People Are ReadingHow to Tell Female From Male for a Canadian GooseHow to Paint a GoosePrint this articleThings You'll NeedReference imagesCanvasPaintBrushesPencilEraserShow MoreInstructions 1Find a detailed image of a Canadian goose. Decide on the position of the goose and choose an image showing a good side view. Make sure it has enough detail to enable you to make a detailed painting. Study the image and look for shadows and highlights.2Draw the outline of the bird with a pencil, starting with an oval shape on its side for the body, coming to a point on both ends. Draw the legs coming from the center region of the goose, including the webbed feet. Draw the outline of the neck and head on one side of the oval. Draw the head outline as accurately as you can
Canada Goose Store. Draw the eye, the nostrils and the beak coming to a point.3Indicate the white patch on its cheek with a line. Draw a line at the bottom of the neck where the black area ends. Draw lines to indicate the layers of feathers in vertical lines across the chest and mid-section of the goose. Draw the outline of the feather structure on the back of the goose. Note how the parallel lines are wider apart near the back as larger feathers become visible. Outline the area of white feathers underneath, behind the legs.4Use an off white to paint the body (torso) of the goose, including the white patch on its cheek. Use a brown color to paint the areas between the lines across its body. Paint very thin lines at the front that get thicker as you move to the back section. Let dry, and paint a light grey along the lines to connect the brown sections. Use a fan brush to create the fine grey-white ends of the feathers as they become more visible near the tail.5Use a dry brush to blend the body of the goose. Keep the underside at the back white, and use grey to shade this area. Shade the cheek-patch and the white-feathered section at the top of the legs. Paint the neck, legs and feet black. Do not paint over the white patch on the cheek. Use a small brush and use white paint to create highlights on the beak, eye and chest of the goose. Place a tiny white dot on the upper eye and beak to show a reflection.6Paint various shades of brown and grey to give the feathers a realistic appearance. Keep checking the reference image to create fine detail. Determine the areas in shadow and darken them accordingly.

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